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  • Georgi Sokolov

    Georgi Sokolov

  • Roman Pototski

    Roman Pototski

    Having work experience in both finance and media production, I like to combine the two to create new content and share my thoughts with the rest on these topics

  • Ravi Singh

    Ravi Singh

  • Kaiko Kaur

    Kaiko Kaur

  • Chris Lin

    Chris Lin

    一位遊戲開發者,熱愛遊戲、籃球、健身與遊戲程式設計 / A game developer, love in play game, basketball, fitness and programming for game.

  • Rait Ojasaar

    Rait Ojasaar

    VC @ChangeVentures (www.changeventures.com), tech entrepreneur (www.nodeswat.com) - developing scalable & secure #nodejs apps.

  • Toomas Römer

    Toomas Römer

    VP of Eng @ Bolt Technology, Co-founder of ZeroTurnaround, Geek, Hackepreneur

  • reinman


    Estonia is bringing back 1960s Multics using applied category theory and space cat memes

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