After another long day of work, I’m thrilled to start my commute back home. At the bus station, I take out my phone and load up The Gulch, where my avatar is waiting for me in Gaia, the forest biome. Everything is as I left it after playing “Hunter: Call of the Wild” last night before going to sleep.

A couple taps on the screen pulls up my navigator and I use it to teleport back to Prime, the Gulch’s main social hub. Once I’m settled in my usual seat, I visit the Tech News district to catch up on…

Next up in the series is nothing less than the winner of the Best Sports Game 2018 award. The Forza franchise has been a reference in racing games since the first excellent Forza Motorsport which was unanimously acclaimed as the top racing game at the time, and Horizon 4 definitely lives up to the expectations.

Racing and VR, a promise yet to be fulfilled

VR is absolutely made for storytelling, stunning universes, and emotional plots. One of our favorite game studios to do that is “The Chinese Room”. All their games are masterpieces, and definitely a must play on REXR, whether you’ve have finished them before or not, as the VR experience of them is on a whole new level.

What works, what doesn’t, and what’s a possible future for VR Gaming

Photo by stephan sorkin on Unsplash

A little backstory

Every VR enthusiast has tried VR Gaming at least once, whether by having a headset at home or in a tech event. I myself had access to almost any VR game that exists on Steam, and my personal experience with it is pretty similar to everyone else’s: every time I played, it would be for 30 minutes or less, and then I’ll move on to something else on my PC. …

Youssef El Moumni

I’m obsessed with radically improving performance by looking at problems from a different view. Currently focused on Real-Time Video Streaming and Cloud Gaming.

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